Featured Samplebase Videos

Want to see what's possible with Samplebase? Here you will find videos that demonstrate the power behind Satellite and Samplebase SoundBlocks. We hope you will be inspired to come up with your own tricks and share them with us, too!


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If you have a video that shows you using Satellite in a creative way, we'd love to add it to this page. Please let us know by contacting us.




See how well Satellite allows you to mix and match loops and instruments from other SoundBlocks. In this video, Mark creates a song on the fly by triggering loops from the following SoundBlocks:


Def Jef: Deuces - Beats and Basslines
Sound International: Microbeats

Midihead: EMP (Electrohouse Music Producer)

Peter DiStefano: Firestarter - Hi Octane Guitar Loops

John "Skippy" Lehmkuhl: Skippy's Beat Breakers



See how easy it is to tweak out Catalyst Audio's Brave New Beats - Heavy Breaks SoundBlock using Satellite Pro. This video shows you how Samplebase takes loops to anatha level.



Jordan Rudess talks about sampling his overworked voice.
Download Jordan Rudess - NODE for free.


Mike takes Sonic State's Nick Batt through a quick tour of Samplebase at Winter NAMM, 2009.


We take you through a quick tour of Pete Whitfield's (string arranger: Phil Collins, Rhymefest, Tom Jones, Judas Priest) "Platinum Strings - Urban 75-90 BPM" and "Platinum Strings - Urban 90-100" SoundBlock series from Catalyst Audio.



Introducing Skippy's Magic Pads from John (Skippy) Lehmkuhl. See how the modulation wheel effects the sonic character, and learn how quickly you can add motion to this stellar collection of pads.